Stream Defence

StreamDefence protects your videos from bots & DMCA Reports/Removal , block who would "steal" and "repost" your stream, save your website from google bas/penalization plus Automatically regenerate your videos if are deleted for inactivity,reports or the video host goes down(like openload) .
  • Copy the embed code of your video and paste it in the white box.
  • Select the domain protection add the link of your website (optional)
  • Select Anti Adblock if you want prohibit the acess at video for who use adblock (optional)
  • Write the password for your stream [leave blank = Pass protection disactivated] (optional)
  • Press ''Generate Iframe'' copy the new code and paste it in you website.
  • Default dimension are 700x430,Iframe is 100% responsive
INFO ABOUT BACKUP SYSTEM: Our backup system works with the,,, , and Once you generate a protected iframe with one of these sites, streamdefence will make a copy of your video and keep it, you can store it in your personal mixdrop account. once your original video is removed (for any reason, also due to inactivity or because the site is closed), Streamdefence will automatically show the backup copy. No action is required by the user to have the backup. it's possible to backup one video at a time, therefore if more emebeds will be inserted at the same time only the first one will have the backup. The backup copy is generated within 24, 48 hours (a lot depends on the size of the video) so it is not immediate. The backup system is also available through our wordpress plugin always with the limit of one video at a time. for more information contact us using the appropriate form..

Password protection (leave blank to not activate this option)
Custom IFRAME dimension in px (leave blank to use default values)

Custom mixdrop API details (leave blank to use default keys)

Supported Host for Autobackup:




  • ,


  • (automatic regeneration)


Download wordpress plugin that will allow you to protect your videos automatically

  • Version 1,9 Multi template support read the guide GUIDE


    1. Download the wordpress plugin
    2. Install it and go to Settings / Streamdefence Settings
    3. Enter API Code generated by
    4. Select if protect the videos via iframe (recommended) or direclty on your website whit shortcode
    5. Enter your security options
    6. Click Save, Done!
    7. Each video in a new published or edited post will be automatically encrypted.
    8. Do not use wordpress? read our API Documentation click here

    PLEASE UPDATE PLUGIN TO 1.9 for continue to use SD CLICK HERE

    Supported Embed for Backup System, different for this may not works CLICK HERE :