Stream Defence

StreamDefence protects your videos from bots & Reports/Removal and block who would "steal" and "repost" your stream plus Automatically regenerate your and videos if are deleted.
  • Copy the embed code of your video and paste it in the white box.
  • Select the domain protection add the link of your website (optional)
  • Select Anti Adblock if you want¬†prohibit the acess at video for who use adblock (optional)
  • Write the password for your stream [leave blank = Pass protection disactivated] (optional)
  • Press ''Generate Iframe'' copy the new code and paste it in you website.
  • Default dimension are 700x430,Iframe is 100% responsive
WARNING: the Verystream/Openload's auto-backup system works only with iframes from the website or and you can only generate them one at a time, if you want to protect multiple openload's videos at the same time (without autobackup) you can use the alternatives domains of Openload like and
Post one embed per line for multistream protection option

Password protection (leave blank to not activate this option)
Custom IFRAME dimension in px (leave blank to use default values)


Update videos from to

Streamdefence warns his customers that it is now possible to transfer videos from openload to verystream, what you need to do is send the CSV file (generated by @ this email: [email protected] We also have solutions for wordpress sites that do not use streamdefence, for more information contact us.


Download wordpress plugin that will allow you to protect your videos automatically

  • With the new version of the plugin you can choose whether to protect videos via iframes or directly on your website with shortcodes, for any information about it contact us


    1. Download the wordpress plugin
    2. Install it and go to Settings / Streamdefence Settings
    3. Enter API Code generated by
    4. Select if protect the videos via iframe (recommended) or direclty on your website whit shortcode
    5. Enter your security options
    6. Click Save, Done!
    7. Each video in a new published or edited post will be automatically encrypted.
    8. Do not use wordpress? read our API Documentation click here

    New: Do you want to protect your links and bypass Facebook and other link blocks? Click here

    1. The videos will be saved by streamdefence and in case they are deleted you will have an immediate backup of the video on your website

    2. The videos are masked by images with a simple click and will be shown, if you do not like this option click on '' Disable Video Mask ''

    3. Now you can earn money by inserting your pop-up ads directly into the video

    4. Choose the size of the video directly from the menu

    5. Captcha protection, to hide your videos at any bot

    6. Now Streamdefence is 100% Responsive, works on any device Desktop and Mobile

    7. If you use non https videos please remove the 's' from the domain Exemple must become